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Monday, September 07, 2009



Hey, I really appreciate this comment! People tell me all the time that Honda is the only kind of car to buy because it lasts forever. However when I was searching for my first car.. Yeah dependability is a major factor.. however 90% of their cars doing 0-60 in 10+ seconds and looking like crud was a lot higher of a deal for me. As long as the car has a warranty you do not have anything to worry about. Honda cars plain out going down hill. The last great car that they made, for the most bang for your buck would have to be the Fit. I love the Honda fit because of its sporty looks and its great gas mileage as well as its spacious interior. Other then the Fit, all of Hondas cars in my opinion are just down right bleh. Thats the only way I could describe it. Another thing I would like to point out about Honda's is that they are all under powered. Besides the Accord coupe v6, the cars are terrible in the engine department ( Yeah even the s2000 for the money you are paying ). Even the SI civic is an underpowered car. Also to explain my point on the s2000, you are getting a tiny car with a tiny engine and you cant even fit anything in the trunk. The car is a useless piece of crud. I absolutely hate the car. It looks terrible and it is way to over price. BOO HONDA! To get a NICE s2000 you need to put about 5 grand in upgrade and if I am correct it is a 33 or 32 grand base. thats about 37 Grand for a cruddy car. To compare how horrible the s2000 is and how much of a disgrace is it to be called a car, for the same amount of money, you could easily get a v8 2010 Camaro and still have a bit of cash left over in your pocket. The Camaro kills it in every aspect. Whether it is speed, handling, room, comfort, and style or any other subject the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, and many other cars destroy the s2000. I truly truly hate the s2000. It is a dumb car and a waste of money. Also one of my friends had one and was like yeah, this thing could keep up with a ferrari. It was fast as anything! It would have killed your Mustang GT (05 Body). All I can respond to that is.. HAHAHHAHAH. NOT EVEN A IOTA OF A CHANCE! HAHAHA! ferrari's are 0-60 in 2.8-4.4! ahahah! And the mustang gt is 0-50 in 5.1! The 2010 s2000 is 0-60 in 5.4! still! after all these years of the release all they can do is compare it to the 99 body style of a mustang gt or maybe even an earlier year. Honda you fail!

Evil Banker

Honda should make something like the Volkswagen CC. Now that is an amazing car! It was recently voted coolest car by the Garage Attendants of the Tri-State Area.

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