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Monday, March 09, 2009



The Toyota 4Runner is the foundation of Toyota's light truck fleet. It shares a chasis and major components with the FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, and Lexus 470. It is the best selling SUV in the world where it is sold under names like Prado and Hilux Surf. It is sold in the Middle East and Africa with a diesel engine (something that would be nice to have in America). You bet there will be a 5th gen, just like there will always be a Land Cruiser, even if it only sells 50,000 units worldwide. It's the foundation of Toyota's reputation in the world of all terrain and off road transportation.

Richard Blake

I still feel many like the Toyota 4Runner and will keep buying them. They sure beat the hell out of many other Trucks. Maybe if it's been a good Design why change it?


You "mentioned" that the Tundra was to be a bad idea? Could have fooled me. The new Tundra is all over the roads here. How has that prediction worked out since your 2006 post? Not so well I'd say.

As for a 5th generation 4Runner? Of course they're going to make one. Just because your wimpy butt wants an electric car and doesn't know squat about business doesn't mean that Toyota isn't going to continue to produce one of the most popular SUVs sold in America.

Who says? Me, the owner of a 2000 V8 Tundra and a 2008 V8 4Runner - who will continue to purchase V8 gas-powered Toyota products, if the ones I currently have ever wear out that is.

Franklin Howard Smith IV

hahaha the 4Runner will never die. It is an essential piece in Toyota's fleet. Wanna through a hybrid T4R in there then fine with us. Some will take the bait, help the environment if you will, but most will stick to what is being produced. Bring on the 5th Gen T4R! As for the new Tundra. How did that idea flop? Last time I checked it was selling quite well. Everyother vehicle on the road seems to be a T4R or other Toyota SUV/Truck.


Liberals... HA. Go drive your smart cars into the ocean. Riiiight on the other side of that tree you're hugging.

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