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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Account Deleted

Its not the time to take such decisions. We have to wait for some more time.



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Is not that if the stock price is low that means the company is over, but who know. When it comes about me i try to choose carefully what i buy and from whom.

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The stock price would not sway me one way or the other, GM is and always will be a fine company, yes they are doing it tough as are all businesses at the moment. Car dealerships around the world are feeling the pinch, but things will get better soon I hope ;)


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GM must do more than build good cars. GM must find a path from 'buy American' to 'buy green' and then it must become that path. It must not only find a way to market itself as a premier car company for transportation invested in environmental stewardship, but also create the means for millions of Americans to identify anew with their products as the country embraces a more sustainable economic and cultural story.

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