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Monday, July 28, 2008


Driving School Sydney

You have mentioned very relevant point. I agree with you.

Jocelyn Plourde

I lived in Ottawa for 9 years (1997-2006) and during that time, there was an amalgamation and amazing growth in the city (and it continues at an alarming rate). As you can imagine highways became more and more congested with people driving to and from the downtown area. This would have been a great opportunity to put in place a new train system to get people into the city. Everyone lives in these common pockets of suburb and work within the downtown core. It would be great! It would have been convenient and it would have been environmentally conscious!
Instead they are expanding highways!!! So rather than motivating people to use public transportation, the city has given one more reason for people to drive their cars and trucks (one per vehicle!) into work!

The point is, public transportation is such a great way to a)Reduce emissions, b)Reduce congestion, c)Reduce the purchasing of new vehicles, d)Make revenue. In this day and age, cities who have the opportunity to increase public transportation have a responsibility to make environmentally friendly decisions.

Ok. I feel better now that that's off my chest.

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