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Wednesday, July 09, 2008



Tag lines of companies should not be mentioned alone. Rather, the companies should live by them.

Tag lines are made to serve as an attention-catcher to consumers. But consumers nowadays seem to look beyond the tag line, or the looks even. Most of the times, they are going for what fulfills their needs and what values their money.

Automotive Marketing

you are right kevin...they donot play much role thesedays.. the most important thing the customer see is reviewing the product based on its price, usability and competitors products..


Oww. Thanks for that info.Its Interesting for me for what the cars are In today.I know now what are the reaction of other people for what your car using today. You give me an idea.Thanks

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Kevin Gosselin

As an ex-automotive copywriter for one of the big three car companies I can say that well=written, well researched copy can have quite an impact on people when it comes to what car to purchase.

But the problem is, the tag lines are now so short lived that there is no time to build equity with them with consumers. So what you get are flashes in the pan with no meaning at all.


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