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Thursday, July 24, 2008



Modeo is just Amazing!

James Lewis

The whole problem with Ford is their totally wrongheaded approach. If they were truly serious about competing with the Japanese in this day of $4.00/gallon gas, they would have brought the European Focus - a car that is easily the equal of the Honda Civic - over here. Ford claims that they are going to convert a few of its light truck plants to small production in a few years, which surely will cost more than federalizing the Euro Focus...which, if you recall, was their excuse for not bringing it to the US in the first place. Just totally wrong thinking, in my opinion.


I don't think the key to staunching Ford's losses is bringing out a car that competes directly with one of its few bright spots and doesn't get inherently better fuel economy. The Fusion is a success.

Jocelyn Plourde

Would the Mondeo not take sales away from the Fusion? Don't get me wrong, I think the Mondeo is a beautiful car and I would love to see it in N.America. I'm just trying to see the logic in the decision.

And while we are talking about European Fords, how about the Ka? Small (tiny), relatively attractive and amazing on fuel. I'd buy one!

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