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Sunday, July 27, 2008


buy used cars

I've never thought about it, but apparently cars are the most recycled consumers items. On an average nearly 84 percent of a used car can be recycled.

Driving School Sydney

Is that a very good idea. Well, it demands a second though I guess.


I wonder what the average percentage cost contribution of the powerplant in an SUV is (everything north of the flywheel and requisite for the functioning of the reciprocating engine block core components)?

Leases SUV


Its amazing I just stopped by a lot near my house and these behemoths are still listed for $40,000 (new), I cannot beleave people are still buying these things anywhere near this price. On the flip side I did notice the dealer had quite a few less then the last time I went car shopping.


SUV on rents is nice - but may be people like me would prefer owning the latest one. The only bad thing is reselling the old one makes me bankrupt


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