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Saturday, May 10, 2008


BPM Training,Australia

I wanna have this car...its so impressive...

VancouverAutoStore.com about cars, auto auctions

Nice car, drives fine


Texas Direct Auto

Is there a such thing as a fuel efficient SUV, I love SUV's I have had vans for years and got good gas mileage but they drive and feel like a big boxy van, now I have a trailblazer and love it, but the gas mileage sucks.. I fill up every paycheck to the brim and its about $62-75 and I live and work all within a mile of eachother, if I had 20 minute drives I would be going broke on gas. So is there a fuel efficient SUV alternative that still drives up high and smooth like an SUV but is good on gas? Please let me know..



It’s great to see so many small car owners. I own a Ford Ka and as a student it has been a really cost-effective choice. It has pretty good fuel economy and with careful gear change it does a decent mpg (for London) around 50 mpg. With rising fuel costs I think it is important to use the right fuel as illustrated by Shell’s latest ad campaign
I think high quality fuel definitely goes further…any thoughts on the best fuel to use?


Funny blog...Everybody will want to buy one of these..

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