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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



for some people who live in other countries price of gas in USA is a piece of cake, wondreful. It's sad that poorer countries pay higher prices for gas.


Theres a gas price problem probably in the whole world... Here in our country, everything is being affected because of the gas price being so high. People go to demonstrations at the streets, but to no avail... We as consumers really can't do anything because it is a world crisis. All we could do is hope and pray that we would all survive this and still do well with our lives...

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hey, check out this article about gas prices. it's pretty informative and lays it out well.


cesar hidalgo

Was this an article about gas prices or a commercial? I know it was a waste of time, what about the gas price

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But seriously we have people coming in constantly because of the fuel crunch. It's crazy the stories we hear.

Some people they are spending so much in gas they can't feed their kids.

I would say out of every 10 vehicles sold here at least 6-7 are either V8s or Trucks. The more that these vehicles come in...the less they are worth if you factor the law of supply and demand.

No one is buying SUVs or trucks or V8s anymore.

It's a blood bath out there at some dealerships.

So in the tri-state area people are getting out of their bigger vehicles in place for 4 cylinder vehicles that a bit more sensible.

Toyota's stock is probably skyrocketing from the Prius alone.

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