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Monday, April 14, 2008


Orlando Hyundai Guy

Unfortunatly this is not uncommon as it should be. I work for hyundai now, but in the past have worked for the Lincoln Mercury and this kind of thing is widespread.

Infact I had also worked with VW years ago and there was a known occurance where a higher trim level of Passat had wheels that were too large for the vehicles wheel-well. the result was that you heard grinding when you turned the wheel and I would suspect a potential blowout if you turned at high speed.

Customers were basically told they were out of luck and VW continued to produce the vehicles at that trim with wheels that were too large for several years. I could go on and on about this stuff.

Unfortunatly the penalties are so light, that it's only when there is a real public outcry that something will happen.


Well you are very right about Ford. Shame on Ford.


Clearly, the actuaries at Ford have made the call that any potential slap on the wrist from the NTSA and/or lawsuits are cheaper than a truely effective recall. It is all part of the cost/benefit approach to quality that is pervasive in the auto industry. Despite the claims to the contrary (recent news claiming equal quality to Toyota), Ford is still gaming it.

Forget sleeping at night, I dont get how they can get up every day and go do it again.

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