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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Auto Wallpapers

09 Challenger is hot your both right

Car Salvage For Sale

If you like all that you'll love salvaged cars!

Show Cars

NY AUTO show rocked last year man...I was there!!!!



Actually, a nearby mechanic who's an "expert's expert" on Japanese vehicles pronounces Acura "ah-cue-rah," with emphasis on the second syllable. The first time I heard him do so, I thought, "Wow, this dude must REALLY know what he's doing when it comes to working on Japanese cars." Of course, he probably uses this odd pronunciation precisely to cause this reaction -- and, thus, to get more customers. (On the other hand, he did do a good job on my car.)


you seem like your interested in cars. check this blog out. its pretty neat, im sure you'll like it http://autovintage88.blogspot.com/

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