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Thursday, February 14, 2008



Global warming is a myth believed by suckers.
White men created the modern world; without them, the world would be a sorry place.


Preaching to the choir, Shawn - I just bought a brand new big ol SUV to tie me over until all of this nonsense dies, just like it did a couple years after "Earth Day" came about.


Scientifically speak, man-made global warming is not a fact, and it is still just a hypothesis. Earth is definitely warming, but the man-made part is up for debate.
It is silly to say that someone cannot oppose your views just because you say so.

After all, this hypothesis cannot be disproved. It is similiar to Creationism. No one has ever been able to set the conditions for which it can be proven false. Any hypothesis that is not falsiable cannot be stated as fact.


I thought you meant Rush Limbaugh

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