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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


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nice and interesting post about Hydrogen On Demand!!


A year in look on this post, while it may have been a great experiment/find.. We still do not see the fruits of the experiment out to the people.

Hydrogen seems to easy.. but for some reason it is being fought.. Oil continues to dominate our market with Electric slowly becoming the next big deal.. hydrogen is to cheap.. no money to be made from a big business perspective


A very useful post. Thanks for posting this.

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When will hydrogen be used as a controlled fuel to run vehicles to provide clean energy ?
Is it possible to make hydrogen at home by elctrolysis and store in a tank to run a car?


Milennium cell inc has been doing this for years with sodium borohydrate. They have contracts with the military and have set records of sustained opration in UAVs. They were at CES last year with product called (I think) hydropak. Which can supply up to 14 hours of continuous laptop power.

This guy invented ANOTHER method of hydrogen on demand. In fact, here's a little experiment for you. Take some drano (not too much, 1/4 up at most) some aluminum foil (sheet about the size of a piece of paper), wad the foil into balls, put the drano into a 1 liter pop bottle. Add the foil balls, and then add some water and shake it up. In about 5-10 the water will begin to break up at the molecular level. You can inflate a balloon or two, or three with the reaction, and impress your friends by lighting the baloon on fire. (poof, be careful)

Or you could go to home depot, and get some parts and make a nice little reactor out of some plumbing pipe and bubbler. Hook the whole thing up to your lawn mower, crack a beer and mow your lawn. :)

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