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Saturday, January 05, 2008



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yes of course the tundra. That piece of shit cant do crap. They don't even make a diesl. it like a .000000 ton truck. If u want a good truck to tow or carry stuff get a gm or ford. support ur american economy by american cars spend money to build up ur economy plus u get a better car that lasts longer. And u get upgraded to a stronger nicer car. they may be built here but all the profits on these go to japan.


Chrysler LLC was still living in the shadow of Daimler in 2007. Now that we are in 2008, all the bs is over and we're really on the way to a great product and sales experience for the customer. Ford had no chance against Toyota, but they need to watch out for Chrysler also. Chrysler already passed them in Canada and Mexico is not far behind.



The good thing about the Tundra is the 4x4 model. When the drive line falls apart usually its part of the rear drive shaft and axle but the front wheels keep pulling you along. Good engineering ?? Those clever Toyota engineers are always thinking? Motor Trend truck of the year.


Its not a huge percentage of the market, but toyotas past shows how quickly it will expand its share, if the others are found wanting.

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