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Monday, December 10, 2007



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Jocelyn Plourde

Unfortunately, I dissagree with Tom. Car companies need to take a look at the global situation (population, oil consumption, global warming, etc.) and start offering and building vehicles that make sense. A Cadillac pick-up isn't used as a pick-up, its used to say "I can afford a Cadillac!" That makes it a waste. Same goes for luxury SUVs.

And who needs an SUV in the first place? Owning a boat or having 3 children does not mean you need an SUV. It means that once or twice a year, you need a vehicle that can tow the weight of the boat. Rent it or borrow it from someone. The rest of the year, drive a sedan! It'll fit you, your wife and 3 children.

I hate to say that someone needs to make the decision about what we drive for us, but we (in North America) seem unable to make intelligent choices.



Interesting. So when you drive around GM's car lots and see a few months worth of unsold huge SUVs, how, precisely, is this "building [them] what they want"? And when GM lobbies for, and gets, ridiculous ethanol and other SUV-subsidizing boondoggles tossed in with CAFE, how, exactly, is this just "building [them] what they want"?

At BEST, GM is trying to "make them want what [they] build". Emphasis on the "make".

Used Cars

It's still cool! It doesn't matter as long as its GM! Like it a lot. . .


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