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Friday, December 07, 2007


Jocelyn Plourde

The technology isn't there yet? I'm sorry, but that is wrong. Fuel consumption depends on many things: vehicle mass, engine displacement, type of driving among others.

Take SUVs and other large vehicles out of any car maker's fleet, and you will see MPGs drop because those vehicles are very heavy and have proportionately large engines to move them.

Offer cars that are "bare-boned" (no A/C, reverse sensors, power-windows and locks, key-less entry, even carpets and upholstery) and, again MPGs will fall because all those things either add weight to a vehicle and/or use energy from the engine to function.

Offer diesel engines! Diesels are much more efficient than gasoline engines, yet we barely see them in passenger vehicles in North America. In Europe, more than HALF of the passenger vehicles are diesels.

Also, if car makers would stop this insane horsepower race and focus on fuel efficiency, again, MPGs would drop. Who needs 300 hp? 400? 500? And yet, those figures have become common-place. And not just in supercars. Take an engine that produces 300 hp and tune it so that it produces LESS horsepower and see what kind of mileage you get.

Finally, lighter materials need to become common place because a lighter vehicle is a more fuel efficient vehicle. More carbon fiber, more aluminum, more plastics.

matt tori

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Well, the reason that its not until 2020 because the technology hasn't been invented yet. Of course if some car company could give us both they would have already - think how much money they would make off it. But we can't just ask why its not here yet, its the same as being mad we don't have flying cars either. I've done some work with the AAM and I think its good that Congress got new standards through and ones that even the auto industry is committed too as well.

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