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Thursday, November 29, 2007



Do they want to see the most beautiful car designs designer Chip Foose? http://www.blogfoon.com/fierros/index.php/los-mejores-dibujos-de-autos-de-chip-foose-overhaulin/


Good facts. I'm gonna wait for the next update on this.


Wow the car was really hot. I like the body paint a lot and its front body.


Hi, I just bought a Mustang last Friday, and traded in my older Mustang. I love V8 engines no matter what gasoline cost. Non-essential? I have to get to work every and I want to "enjoy" driving. In the late 70s after college, having had a 60s muscle car, I bought a low powered Japanese sports car and vowed "never again". I am getting about the same gas mileage and yet more power, so if the car companies can keep doing that, I am laying my cash on the line (which I am literally doing today with the car dealer). My other car is a 4x4 SUV, so I get the cars everyone loves to hate. I am addicted to muscle cars and am excited to see the return of the "Muscle Car Wars" in 2009! I think it's going to be exciting regardless of global warming, oil dependency and the price of gas.

Car Expert

This is a nice muscle car but I have to admit I like a retro style of their previous Challenger model http://cars.johanesville.net/index.php?cat=car&cid=dodge&id=005659

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