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Monday, November 26, 2007



Gm keeep it up ur doing great don't sell hummer just slow down the making process the only reason why people are hassling u is because there jealouse that they can't afford it we ve only owned gms my mom worked for allison. but u sold she still has her job but all ur cars are nice thanks


It seems GM has finally gotten themselves a winner!...It was a longtime coming.


GM delivers in a Import Biased Market! GO GM!


When I was shopping for a new car I found a website that delivers auto quotes to your email address from all the local dealerships. It saved me some time. Click my name for the link...


Now so boring.Whats going on with Nissan and the problem with the 2.5 engine. I think the recall was for about 600,00 vehicles. Is this a safety recall? I thought that only happens with domestic cars.
Maybe this is like the door locks on some of the Toyotas that open while locked and it was not considered a safety recall?

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