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Tuesday, November 27, 2007



I agree with this Idea... there is way too much rebadging and there always has with the Big 3. I also agree that the mini vans should go to Chrysler. Heck, the 'Cuda used to be under Plymouth... and now Dodge. I think it'll all shape together and be more organized


one bad ass car!


Michael Merdeath

Maybe the idea is more organized but think about it Chrysler Charger or Chrysler Challangerit just don't sound right. I think they should stick with the orig. names. The cars are supossed to be retro cars cars that remind us of the glory of the past but if you change their names it like you're tring to chang history...and that ain't right!


The idea of 3 different divisons Chrysler,Dodge and Jeep would with out a doubt be a good idea. The vans should stay with the Chrysler badge.

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