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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Perrycraft Dynasport Series Bed Rails

I totally agree! Screw them.

Buick Estate Wagon Parts

The Cadillac 2008 CTS is great.


Not that I don't agree with you about Cadillac not watering down its product...but, isn't BMW coming out with the 1-series and Audi has the A3 which both start under $30K. The late Acura RSX?
Sadly, Cadillac will probaby join the fray. How about a sweet Cadillac subcompact? It could be the Cadillac Vibe (pronounced vee-BAY). Maybe the El Dorito, for the hispanic market.


As a suggestion to GM Marketing folks, I think Cimarron is best spelt:
See, Morron!

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