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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Several people have made good points...oil is not scarce, and yes, the use is going up due to third world countries starting to use more oil. We should utilize our own resources,(Anwar) rather than depend on imported oil. We should continue to search for alternative sources, but not be taken in by false hope resting on bio-fuels. Corn is not the answer.

The automotive industry has continually squeezed more mpg out of engines that produce more horsepower for over a decade now, but the American consumer continues to buy large SUV's, that don't get the milage some of the other, smaller cars get. So, once again, the demand outways sensible selection.

We, as a country, have to change out ways!!

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I also believe part of the problem is the low american greenback. Gas prices north of the border (Canada) haven't risen as high. Gas sells for about 1$/liter so you have 3.6 liters in a gallon. So Canadians pay 20% more vs. americans. In the past this difference was closer to 40% more...


Oil becoming scarce? Give me a break folks. If the tree huggers would only let us drill in ANWR we would have plenty of oil for many years to come. There are 9 million acres of unihabitable land there and we would only need 2000 acres to get the oil. That my friends is "THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH"!!


i dont think the gas prices will go down.
oil is becoming more and more scarce, emerging economies and growing population is using more oil and the supply doesnt get bigger.

time to save money in other ways.



Just like the $5 a gallon hysteria from last winter? Oil companies are out to make a buck just like any other for profit company, but the issue is the spectre of $100 a barrel crude in the face of increased demand and a majority of our oil coming from imports. It's not the oil companies' fault that cars have grown heavier and thirstier as average horsepower has more than doubled in the past years. I'd love to see sub $1 a gallon gas as much as anyone, but that's not the world in which we live.

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