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Monday, October 29, 2007



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Dee Mullen

Even if the Accord is slipping or "falling bend the pack," the Civic is still kicking butt in the automotive industry. If anything, I would just say it is time to retire the Accord and let the younger generation Civic take over. It's no different than a parent leaving the family business to a child.


i like this car..
how about the price..?


kabir vaid

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Ya know, you were joking, but I think you're on to something. I have not driven the new Malibu everyone's raving about, but by all accounts it is a pretty sweet ride.
I have driven the new Fusion and found it superior to a similarly priced Honda Accord. I can get a V6 with AWD for the price of a Honda FWD 4cyl. If the Fusion I test drove had more headroom it likely would be in my driveway.
The Altima, hands down, was a better car than the current Accord.
The Accord is still a pretty good car. Better, IMO, than the offerings from Chrysler and Mitsu, and on par with the Camry.
I don't know if Honda has dropped the ball so to speak or if others are catching up.

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