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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



I agree that Chrysler has done the best job in making cars, and I think they're making a big mistake in eliminating the PT Cruiser and the Pacifica. They're stronghold is making cars that fit peoples' personalities: The 'Cuda', the 'Charger' and the mini-van are all good examples.
While my wife has a decked-out PT Cruiser-Turbo that really hauls butt; I have a new Chrysler Town & Country Limited loaded with every accessory they make. It's my 5th mini-van;the nicest vehicle that I've ever owned, and a real change from the Caddies and Lincolns I drove for 25 years prior to 1988.
Because of business travel, I've had the opportunity to rent cars from every maker; my last rental was an Equinox. NO THANKS!!
GM & Ford have shot themselves in the foot with their US production. Suprisingly, they sell a great number of small cars in Europe where they're both making a profit.
Speaking of Europe, We should bring the FIAT back to the US. They have a super line of cars they sell all over Europe. I understand they get great gas mileage, too.
Back to Chrysler. Instead of dumping the PT Cruiser and the Pacifica, they should make more personalized models of these 2 units. People would grab them up!
Gene (The Gray Fox)



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"I suppose it's a result of the nostalgia it embodies." That explanation actually fits better into why the ugly retro-muscle cars keep getting mistaken for being "cool looking".

And speaking of cool looking cars, all this talk about Chrysler killing off their models makes me lament the demise of the Dodge Neon, especially its SRT-4 variant--a switch to RWD or AWD and there would be no need for the hideous Challenger, especially with the better-looking Charger already fulfilling the muscle revival segment.

For what it is, I gotta admit the Magnum is fairly appealing...but I probably won't lose too much sleep if it ever stops production.


I don't believe this story. Chrysler is the quickest adapting of the Big Three. The Magnum may be discontinued. I expected it to be a limited issue model anyways. I see remodeling for the PT and the Pacifica. Chrysler already has a small line-up with one entry minimum in each category. They're not going to get rid of their luxo wagon or their cute compact.

Since the Magnum is technically a sports wagon (ie Chevy Nomad) it's retirement will free up resources for the Challenger, a long-absent void in the line-up: the sports car category.


what they are doing wrong? see their new campaign in Europe:


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