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Monday, September 17, 2007



It's official, FrankZappa22 for president.

Which car will attract Alison Krauss? I think we need to find a friend of a friend of a friend to find out what kind of car gets her going.


What are you working for weights and measurements? What kind of mileage do you think you would get if you just drove your damn car instead of performing science experiments on it?

We need to focus more energy on how fast our cars go and how many chicks we can get with them.


Of course they're estimates.. Is that news to anyone? Of course you can come up with a corner case in which they're in accurate.

Over the weekend I drove my MazdaSpeed3 800 miles, and took mileage samples, using cruise control, at 5 mile intervals (I used a calibrated scangauge). My EPA estimate is around 27mpg. When cruising at 80mph, I got about 24mpg. When cruising at 55mph, I got about 35mpg. When "drafting" off a semi at a semi-safe distance, I got about 40mpg.

So yeah, the mileage depends entirely on how you drive.. It's not a big conspiracy.

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