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Thursday, September 20, 2007



Call the Z fanboys whatever you want, but mistaking something as hot and stylish as the 350Z as "ugly" makes YOU the delusional one. Seriously, the only major problem I see with the Z is its weight--performance and style at its price make it very attractive and thus it fulfills two of the three elements demanded of it.

But I think everyone's missing the point here: The old 240SX was an affordable and practical alternative to the more serious and focused Z. $30K seems affordable for a good sports car but it's still too much money and not enough space/comfort/etc. for those who want a fun drive but happen to fall into that space between casual and hardcore driver.

As much as I love my Civic Si, I'd love to see other companies give Honda a run for its money and revive the old sport compact market. It's really a shame that the US missed out on the Silvia S15 while also witnessing both the demise of the Celica and Integra and the bloating of the Eclipse (the Trueno getting stateside respect only recently is kinda sad too).


These guys are so, so angry that you said something bad about their Z car. And he never said the Z did 0-60 in over 7 seconds. He gave why it was crap, price and fat ugly body, along with what Nissan needs to do to make a car sell like hotcakes.

Chazzy Chaz

I take it you've never driven a Z in your life. Stock for stock the 350Z outdoes the 240 in every way, now mod the 240 and thats a different story. And 0-60 over 7 seconds?! Did you pull this crap outta your ass or what?! Haha man get your info straight before you start posting BS.

And if your concerned about the price get it USED <$25k, problem solved


You're way off buddy. The Z can be had at entry level with 306hp for 27-28k... it's way more fun to drive handling wise than a mustang and will go 0-60 in about 5.2 seconds! I had high hopes for this blog but when I saw that your post here, I was disappointed...


well tell me how the 350Z goes 0to60 in 7seconds and finds a way to pull 13's your a dumbass go shoot yourself

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