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Friday, September 28, 2007


Chas B

The right thing to do is to drive the most fuel efficient vehicle you can. Most American cars are marketed for their high profit margins rather than their high gas mileage. The big three haven't been doing the right thing, and they are now paying the price.


Um...Toyota and Honda make American cars. I live in Indiana. We have a Toyota plant here and there's a new Honda plant being built right now. Last time I checked, it was Toyota and Honda who were building plants here in the US. GM and Ford are the ones building cars in Mexico and China.


we seem to have conflicting opinions on what it means to be "American"

in my book being American means buying the best you can possibly get

how often do you see an American automobile on the top of the list for anything?

from Safty to Gas milage, American Autos are usally a no show, or at best runner up

if Detroit wants to sell more Autos, maybe they should build a better car

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