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Monday, September 24, 2007



We have a 2005 model honda fit that my wife drives to work everyday. IMO, I think this is the best car in it's category, roomy interior, powerful engine yet economical, futuristic design, this little guy is packed with all the necessary features you needed for a an everyday car. The 2009 model looks good, Honda had done a great job with the fit. 2 thumbs up!!! http://salvagecarspro.com


i am all for 2008 Honda Fit, its fuel efficent, small, environment friendly, technological advanced.... For more on 2008 Fit you can check http://theyreviewed.blogspot.com/2007/10/2008-honda-fitjazz-for-japan.html


I told you Honda knows how to style a car well. I was hoping to see the Civic's low-sloping "fastfront" design catch on (it could make a lot of cars out there look so much better), and although the Accord probably needed it more, at least Honda's keeping it alive here.

The new Fit indeed looks hot--love the new headlights and aerodynamic focus--but I can't help but notice a very minivan-like appearance from certain angles due to its proportionally tall height. Then again, 5-door hatchbacks can sometimes have that attribute about them...perhaps a 3-door version can alleviate it.

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Thanks for sharing this articles, I'm one of the fans of Honda cars and really expecting the awesome features of this 2009 Honda.

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