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Thursday, July 05, 2007



You do big contribution with your supreme idea. I think that you have great skills to work for mp3 ringtones and monophonic ringtones sites for blogs creating.


This sounds awesome because of people who have heavy storms, snow etc. I think it's really helpful and is a big step for navigation systems.

Todd Hebert

I like this concept. it sounds like it is very useful.


Ya. Its an interesting feature which definitely enhance our driving experience. Is it available in any part of the world or it can only use in Japan ?


A great news to all car enthusiasts. Another innovation from Honda maker of quality Honda camshaft - http://www.aftermarketperformanceparts.com/honda-camshaft.html - Navigation System To Warn Of Weather. This would help drivers on track and be advised if there are traffic or heavy rain.. I wonder how much its worth and does it available on all Honda vehicles?

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