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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



I'm not so sure we as consumers are getting the full picture when it comes to green cars. the Toyota Prius came off worse than a Hummer in a life Cycle test. I think it was largely to do with the cost of the process to manufacture the batteries (environmental cost that is). The batteries have a very short life cycle too making it even worse.
Perhaps Ford are right to hold off, you never know they might come back with the right answer.


While the real issue is the future of ford, it will not matter anymore if CARS are for FREE 5-10 years from now. :)


Todd Hebert

I think Ford will pull out of it they always do...Hybrids who knows what will happen with this market?


Ford does not seem to have its act together with its Hybrid strategy.

Terrry Man

Checkout www.thefordbook.com Ford seems to be heading in right direction - see new book - Ford and the American Dream by Clifton Lambreth

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