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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Radiator Expert

Car Geek,

If you're having radiator problems, you need to check out radiator.com. You'll find the cheapest radiators there. There's also a bunch of videos on installing radiators on your own. No headache.


People have been predicting a hybrid-beating diesel now for, what, about a hundred years? Still nothing beyond some anectdotal reports of a (compact) Jetta beating a (midsize) Prius on a highway-only roadtrip at 75 mph or the like.

Hey guys? Maybe Toyota knows something you don't know. The reason there's so many diesels in Europe isn't only because they're so amazing, it's also because their tax laws treat it so favorably. Like how we have so many stupid ethanol vehicles here now.

The Car Geek

That would be the cleanest fuel indeed, I've been planning to have a diesel car and not yet decided on what to model to have, because I'l be giving my VW to my brother because it has been giving me some headache which regard to its radiatotr, though I already replaced 3 VW radiators in just a year... Hope, I could get one of this diesel cars...

Check out for more details:

David S.

If you ask me, and I know you didn't, I say Saturn missed a big opportunity to bring clean diesels over here with the Astra, even if they can't sell em in all 50 states.

VW couldn't sell em in 50 states, and they still have been wiping the drool off their car lots for years now. That (completely organic) drool belongs to people who have dreamed all their lives about filling up their Schnauser-mobile with french fry grease and heading for the hills to start a soy farm and raise alpacas.

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