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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Cars From Japan

Hi! A very good message by Senator Obama indeed! Yes, car manufacturing companies now have to focus on designing and manufacturing cars that are fuel efficient. A very good example of such company is Honda and Toyota who have through the years have been manufacturing fuel efficient cars and most importantly, "earth friendly" vehicles. Below is an example of a Japanese site where you can check the brand of cars they import from their country. www.nexusscars.com. As a background regarding this site, Nexuss International Used Car Dealer provides most secured buying services to worlwide customers in very competitive prices. Again, thanks for sharing! Have a good one. :)


>>Help with those pesky retired union workers who built the cars that get crappy gas mileage? Yes, those people. Damned unions!<<

Can't tell from the tone of your message. Are you blaming the union worker for the crappy designed car that doesn't get 40MPG? Not the designers, managers or the CEO who made the decision to produce fuel inefficient cars?

Next time you take your meal break, get paid overtime, take a vacation, go to the doctors, etc. - thank a union member for getting you those benefits. Don't blame him or her for a bad design or decision. Why don't you go after the CEO's retirement? After all, he is getting paid a LOT more for that bad decision than the union worker.


Is it that Detroit is still stuck in the muscle-car heyday? It's either engine power, or fuel economy. Detroit banks on American hunger for Power... not Economy.

Someone else said if the CAFE rules weren't in place, Detroit would drop passenger cars altogether. It doesn't matter how fuel efficient they are, they can't make a profit on them. Ever. Why bother sinking money into research for a product you'll never see a return on?

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