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Thursday, May 10, 2007



I have been thinking about a double din portable unit. You could buy a new one if you wanted and always know that it would fit in any car you were in. And the units would have only what you wanted. Different size HDD, navigation, bluetooth phone, PDA, mobile computing, etc. Any maker, any model, no problem. It would fit your car. And interface with the existing wires & amps & antennas. The devices would even work as portables so you could plan out routes before you got to the car.


I bought a TomTom after a bunch of research and love it. You can carry it anywhere and install it in any car. Nice when you choose to drive a 97 Miata with no NAV options.

I think pretty soon the industry might figure out that most people will car a handheld device that is a phone/NAV/iPod/computer and will start just installing systems to wirelessly interface with these devices. Like a proximity key, it would be nice to just have you "device" on your person and be able to access that info in whatever car you drive or borrow or rent. There will need to be some standardization in the future.

Also, Buster, you too are a stupid, useless toy. Who says, "get their jollies" anymore?

Dave T.

most of the new navs can run for a few hours without needing a charge or be plugged in at all. I'm still trying to figure out why you have to attach it to the window though?
I still say an eye-high display cubby needs to be installed in every car for these things. Or you get a display screen from the car company and plug (bluetooth) in your nav, cell etc into it.


Nav systems are stupid, useless toys. What do they have to do with better, safer driving? Nothing! Get a map, for crying out loud, or learn to figure out where you are.

What really gripes me are people who get their jollies programming their navs when they are following a route they have driven many times. "Gosh, look, it told me to go where I already knew I had to turn! Cool, huh?" Cretins.

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