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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Well said. Folks in America do not like the kidde-car type autos.


My `97 car just turned 100K miles. I own it free and clear, it still runs well and looks nice, and it returns decent mileage (not great but not bad). When it comes time to replace it, I will probably purchase a diesel. As I live in California, I'll have to wait anyhow.

Unless battery technologies improve greatly within 3 or 4 years in terms of capacities, charge and discharge rates, and longevity, the hybrid as it is now is just a stopgap.


If the price comes down on hybrids I might consider one. My main factor is this: My car gets horrible gas mileage but I own it free and clear. I certainly won't save money taking on a 2nd $300 a month car payment. Sadly I know people that have done just that to save gas.


My Jetta diesel is a much more versatile touring car on the road, is less mechanically complex, is less expensive, doesn't face unanswerable questions about total cost of ownership over 10+ years of service, and gets over 40 MPG in typical mixed city/highway driving. Why on earth do I need a hybrid?

In principle hybrids are a reasonable idea and they keep getting better all the time. But they're still more a niche vehicle than something you think of in terms of meeting the day to day needs of the average driver.

Ward Spose

It comes down to two things as far as I can tell. Power which there is none with a hybrid. For me I see 0-60 in 18 seconds dangerous not economical. Secondly, Americans love their pickups, suvs, and minivans. Soccer moms can not stuff all their kids and all their gear in a Prius. You can not run a load of stuff from the Home Depot in a Prius.

Bottomline hybrids are not what the average American public is looking for.

We need a Hybrid Pickup, a Hybrid minivan, and a hybrid SUV.

And the Pickup must be able to tow 10,000 pounds.

Another briliant idea would be to make on that dosent look like it belongs in space.

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