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Tuesday, May 22, 2007



It is because Toyota has resale value, compare to any Europe or American cars.


All are true!! Toyota can make move for hybrid cars that will hit the road soon. And soon other brands will come out of hybrid cars and this will make a "pak oil". Everyone will be benefit.

David S.

It surprises me not that VW et al are disinterested in the hybrid thing; they've already invested gajillions in diesels. VW-USA already has their green-cred in place.

Porsche WAS all for diesels, but eventually relented, as it looks like they'll be introducing a hybrid Cayenne sometime soon. I think Martin Winterkorn hemmed and hawed and said "well, maybe we were wrong?"

BMW is in the same boat, but they're taking a "cost-effective" approach to hybrids; they're rolling out individual parts of the hybrid equation piecemeal for each model line (stop-start, heat capture, regenerative braking) to see which works better. BMW is also part of the hybrid-tech collabo between Daimler and GM.

Auto Deal

Hi! Very true! As part of the community, we all need to do our part in doing all we can for a "peak oil" world. Yes, energy crisis is an issue which needs to be considered by the rest of humanity and action needs to be done asap so that we can save our resources and thus save the world!

Economical usage for fuel means less demand for fuel which also means less fuel waste and we get to save our earth's resources! When it comes to fuel consumption, automobiles also takes a large percentage of this resource.

In relation to this, the recent Hybrid cars also getting popular day by day. Fuel prices are rising and so is the demand for Hybrid cars. Recently HONDA CIVIC HYBRID is named as Car of year at USA car show. Famous models of Toyota are gaining importance in todays life, most favourites are :
Toyota Prius, Lexus , Alphard and Estima Hybrid. If you wish to check more info on these cars, even for used Japanese cars selling of these brands, you may want to review online Japan used car sales . Thank you so much for sharing and keep em coming! Have a nice day! :)

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