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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Learners Permit

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WOW! Thats the excellent explanation i have ever heard haha really! Yo made it! thats the reason good drivers are on racetracks except me..ofcourse yes i consider myself as a very good driver than a racer as I dont normally compete with others passing by on road..hey i got my new car recently from http://www.portfolio-europe.com/siteContentCars/index.html and its ofcourse a used car. Everyone were surprised to see a new car(used car but the condition and the looks were as new as it was just brought out from the factory)Oh no! not again! no matter what i speak what I do I always end up telling about ma car..am obsessed with it! ah need to go for a ride now


No one wants to build integrated roll cages. They would make it hard to crush 'em at the junkyard.

Head on: apply directly to the forehead?


To answer the many are still dying question, there are lots of reasons.

1.Better drivers on racetracks.
2.Not everyone wants a rollcage in their car.
3.No intersections in racing (except figure 8, of course)
4.No drinking or drugs in racing
5.No cell phones, eating, radio, passengers (except rally), make-up, pets, kids, etc. in racing
6.No stuff laying around your car or trunk in racing.
7. No light posts, trees, pedestrians, buildings, cliffs, mountains, etc. in racing (except rally, again)

Mostly, safety is sacrificed at an acceptable rate (to some) for the sake of cost and convenience.

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