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Thursday, April 26, 2007


y not us

I don't get Ford. Analysts say the need a redesign on cars like the Focus. Yet they have much better Focuses in europe and we get none of that here. Why are carmakers convinced that nobody in the states wants a fun to drive small car???

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The Fusion is a sharp little car, now if they'd only add some headroom... I agree they really, really, really need to update thier vehicles and build them so they don't suck. Would love to see an updated Crown Vic or Focus.


I think the Fusion does kinda rock. When Mazda came out with their new sedans (and the birdlike front clips) all of the other companies followed suit. Now Camry, Acura, Lexus, and Honda all have that avian look.

The Fusion and Maxima have managed to separate themselves with original designs. The Fusion's grill and fender flairs is way fresher than the other grocery-getters.

Camry's design is best summed up in their latest commercial: the one with the woman who can't tell which car is her blind date's car fron all the others parked on the street. She doesn't see it until he finally gives up and drives away.

Nothing says "vanilla" more than not being instantly recognized at first glance.


When I think of Ford sedans, I think of corporate sales people driving a leased vehicle, grandparents cruising (below the speed limit of course), rental cars, or young people who want a cheap car that doesn't come from Korea, but I certainly do not associate them with an attractive, reliable, fashionable designed car. Ford cars are generally boring.

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