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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


hdtv antenna

Wow...that Hyundai Genesis is gorgouse looking... very "German" looking. Going to research these!


Hyundai seems to be doing good things
The lines of the Genesis look a bit familiar to me...Front > BMW and Back > Audi
No doubt that Hyundai's getting better anyway


I have heard some good things about the Hyundai Veracruz as my old car is now made up almost entirely of used car parts (literally) I have been looking for a new car. I hope I can get myself a test drive first though as I hate buying a car without testing it first.


Sometimes these new cars are quite disappointing. I wanted a car which is surely made for occupants' satisfation and doesn't need upgrades and mods. Just recently i bought some nissan body kits [ http://www.shopnisparts.com/nissan-body-kit/
], which was good. The installation alone was costly and i hope won't happen again.

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