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Sunday, April 01, 2007



I actually don't see it, Bob. There's way pertier ladyfolk aplenty out there. She kinda looks like a less delictable Catherine from CSI. In fact, I formally disagree with your freaky MILF crush!

basictransportation Alex

Bob, you're such a stoner, dude. I was all like whooa and then I was all like nah, Bob's just trippin. Rock on man! Good April fools - mine was not to blog anything - which is just as funny in a way!

Joe aka BigFordFan

No!No!No!, say it isn't so! Cars!Cars!Cars! can't be going!

Bob, I hope this is a late April Fools, I'm going to be very very sad if your blog goes dark.

Where else am I to go for the insight into the minds of Bill Ford and other Pinheads of Industry??

If it's true, and I'm still hoping it's not, then I personally want to thank you for everyting. And wish you luck with Kraus!Kraus!Kraus! I'm not so sure about helping with bail money, but I'll see what I can do.


Thank you for the Pam Tillis video post. Much appreciated!!!


Heh. Check the date, Angela.

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