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Friday, February 09, 2007



Very nice post. Thanks for the list. They say that Toyota Prius is very worth it to buy.

Used Cars

Yes! More cars that are greener - the better. :) Great post.


wow, have you checked out this cool site for used autos online, autoguide.com? what do you think? www.autoguide.com

Josh Reiter

I learned to drive on a car that was older than me. A 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II with the 318 polysphere. That car made me hard core Mopar for most of my youth. I later dropped in a 383 and spanked Corvettes in my lead sled. I woulda thought the new Charger would have my name written all over it. Love the front fascia but the rear end leaves much to be desired. I used to have a poster of a Hemi block on my wall and wishing for the day when Chrysler would make a rear wheel drive v8 car again. The Hemi certainly does call to me but the one thing that really gets on my nerves with the Charger is the crappy interior. The simple lines and retro styling worked when the interior was all painted metal like in my old '66. Now with the flimsy injection molded plastics it just screams cost cutting.

Leroy Brown

Damn the Navigator isn't on the list either.. and I always thought I was doing the environment good when I drove it.

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