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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Travis - traffic school

The whole thing amuses me I must say!

A car company that can not only put together and build thousands of per year, organize a top production line and kepp all it's employee's happy (most of the time) and yet they can't get the naming of a few cars correct.

I would be dumping the whole marketing team or whoever looks after that area and be bringing in some fresh people... just that simple.

Regards, Travis


A person,wont say who or their industry, told me that GM has Purchased Ford, i laughed, but it this true or false?


I don't mind bashing in the heads of those who make stupid mistakes, but in this instance brand name changes (good idea) are lumped in with restructuring problems. And you can't do that unless you can't see the difference.

Organizational stuff aside, the 500 and Freestyle names were a mistake. Those two vehicles were meant to be Taurus (Tauri?) from the start. The Taurus name was familiar and trusted. Not continuing it probably cost them alot in fleet sales (to the Chargers and Impalas).

What everyone needs to do is dump the "crossover" category. These machines are really super station wagons. Crossover sounds like the automotive equivalent of a transgender/transvestite.

Harry L

I'm just waiting for them to rename the mustang to something that sounds like some compound from a 50's sci fi movie.

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