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Monday, January 22, 2007



@Mazda headlights - since mazda 3 was first launch... there are some few changes in interior like door panel while the engine and dash, gadgets, layout are just the same as the first model. Mazda 3 has no alarn the only way to trigger the alarm is to force it to start with the wrong key.. well that sucks alright. but i guess the MazdaSpeed 3 has different Security System...

mazda headlights

in conclusion, replacing some that is vulnerable to smashes could gain big advantage..mazda lovers likes it more to be innovative in style and performances..just take a look on mazda headlights, made great but how about some exterior parts? does interi0r had modifications to0?

Josh Reiter

Hmm that sux. Been partially interested in the Mazdaspeed3. If the issue carries over to that trim line as well then definitely nixed off my list.


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