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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Joe aka BigFordFan

This is an unworkable plan! There are just too many entry points to downtown Manhattan to monitor and it would just end up punishing people that can't get by the fee with the cerain loopholes that would be written into any New York plan. Don't drivers going downtown get screwed enough? I mean, to get into Manhattan you have to pay a toll in most cases, and then don't forget parking and the price of gas if you need to fill up in Manhattan! Just like London, there will be excpetions for Hybrids, Delivery Vehicles, Taxis and Limos and most likely residents of the area that actually have to drive. And unlike London, what do you do about the scofflaws that already cruise the five boroughs with no insurance and lapsed or fraudulent plates?

What about the poor bastards that are driving through Manhattan to get to Brooklyn or Queens??

It's another way to rape the citizens of New York and any brave visitors.

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