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Friday, December 15, 2006


Car Transport

Who don't like to have this handsome miata? this is one of my ultimate love of my life car. Im a car model and just sit on both mazda miata and pontiac solstice, Too bad we're not allowed to drive :)


I've owned a 1991 and still own my 2001 Mazda Miata. While I think the aesthetics of the new MX-5 take a step back from earlier versions (and get flat WHOMPED by the Solstice), Mazda kills GM in real world reliability, sports car feel (Solstice has power and is comfy, but doesn't have the driver's car feel the Miata provides), trunk usability with the top down, and ease of top use. I cannot stress enough how important ease of top use is to me. I've also owned a '98 "convertible" Rav4. Took 5 minutes to put that top up...



I've owned a Mark I Miata and love it. The car is simple, beautiful, and fits like a comfortable glove.

I can't say the same for the newest Miata MX-5 which is unattractive, cramped and just somehow feels soulless. The interior feels cheap, and what's with shiny black plastic calling itself "piano black?" Who wants that much reflective surface in an open roadster? It makes no sense. Or cupholders that stick so far out of the door they're always sticking into your legs? Not good.

The top operating is brilliant (both soft and hard). But why is the car bigger yet the interior and trunk smaller? Why can my Mark I Miata have a fulls-sized spare and the "new improved" model can't? I wanted to like it, but couldn't.

The Solstice is drop-dead gorgeous, very comfortable, and "just feels right."

Sure, it's heavier than the Miata, yes, it's trunk space is nearly nil, and the interior has some ergonomic issues (so does the Miata), but the Solstice has that "it" factor that the first Miata had and the newest MX-5 lacks. It's the kind of car you can _love,_ flaws and all, rather than just the soulless appliance like the newest Miata has become.


I've driven both, but not for long periods of time. The Solsice is a stunner, but feels very GM - meaning heavier than necessary and not as nimble as it looks. The Miata is everything everybody writes about it - lithe, lean, and fun to drive. The Power Retractable Hardtop isn't as attractive as the ragtop, but definitely desirable for its versitility!

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