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Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Eeek. What does one expect out of two folks that work out of a Detroit newspaper! Ugly badly made American brand cars assembled in Mexica that wastes gas - good... Efficient and well made dependable Japanese brand cars assembled in the US - bad! LOL!

Dave T.

You're right, I get Pissed reading them too. Often because they're glaringly wrong frequently. What's right? The lighted vanity mirrors are actually a HUGE miss for a female targeted vehicle.
The picnic table? Honestly? That's your make or break feature? Ugh.
They also get hung up on the 5 speed auto. It's a great transmission. Clearly one of the vehicle's best attributes is its smooth shifting.

Oh, and it IS a pretty big leap forward if you ask me. They changed the exterior and interior radically, added more safety features, a better auto transmission etc. What else do they want? Besides the engine the only thing they kept the same were the dimensions.

I do think the price is a bit high, maybe $1000 or so but its not ridiculous.

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