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Friday, December 15, 2006


buick parts

Buicks are known to be reliable but of course a little more expensive than Asian counterparts. It would be cool if they reduce the cost of this vehicle


kool, even leaving aside your teenage adulation and your advocation of vehicles whose names you cannot spell, you'd still win the award for the most inane blog comment of the day.

Buick reliability, both in the U.S. and in China, has long been superlative. These results from China (where Buick is currently the market leader) are no surprise.


American vehicles don't match Asian vehicles for their build quality! A Chevy don't match Honda,toyota,subaru,mazda or nissan. I know i have owned american vehicles. A 1995 Toyota Supra TT could cost you $28,000 which is holding its value and this vehice has more technology than a 2007 ford mustang! I'm not against domestic it's just the Asians build better vehices. Infinity SUV is Better than A Cadilac SUV... so on and so on.

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