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Monday, December 11, 2006



I hate the color!


I'm so proud of my Audi right now. I recommend that everyone who can afford this fantastic car, witch is not that hard to do, buy it. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Thanks for all


Outsoucing Solutions

Jim Ferraro

TDI, TDI, give us the TDI!

I'm camping out on an old A6 (2000(, just in anticipation of the 3.0 TDI A5


The A5 coupe looks 'very niiiiiice.' As for the afford affording one...that's a different story. Pics look like it's an M3 fighter but Audi claims it's going head to head with the 6-series.

$100K for an A5... not in my immediate future.

(If these stories are true, why would it make sense for a "5" to be more expensive than a "6." Good luck with that one Audi.)


Imagine rednecks loading lumber in the new Audi pickup...LOL.

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