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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



I agree on the Tundra point. It is damm ugly


I'm on my 3rd Toyota truck, a new Tacoma, and it will probably be my last. Seems Toyota's customer service has slipped and they're "loosing the formula." Transmission problems (poor shift programming), suspension problems, and no support to help correct these issues. Fuel efficiency of the V6 is about the same as GM's small V8. Keep up the good work in Trucks, big 3, you'lll most likely have a Toyota convert next time.


I think that the only people who would buy these trucks and think they are better than Americans time tested work horses are waltrip fans who never did their homework!

Alex Rodriguez

Not only that, but the Tundra is just plain ugly. It is a red-headed step child in the looks department, especially up against the new GM products.


It will get some good sales, but I don't think the big two and a half are in danger yet. Most folks that buy a truck for work are going to be reluctant to step away from models they know.
Also Toyota and Nisan both are not really recognized for making competent full size trucks yet. Most people, when picturing a Japanese made pick up think of the little toy trucks they've been churning out for so long.
Detroit take note: Those little toy trucks are fairly reliable! The big trucks, once the bugs get worked out will be as well. Please keep improving the trucks or you'll get spanked in that market segment as well.

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