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Friday, November 10, 2006



Here's a link to some video webisodes of the smart fortwo event that
took place in Washington DC on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Dr Dieter Zetsche was on hand along with some of other senior smart and
Daimler executives introducing the vehicle to media and Members of

I'm work for the production/media agency that worked with Daimler on
the event and thought the group would be interested in seeing the video.




To back up the idea of it being safe:

Try that with your Ford F-150 - there wont be anthing left of it. And though its not really fun to do, but you can travel on the autobahn pretty well with a Smart.


My aunt was driving her new Chrysler 300 and was t-boned by a SMART that was doing 90km/hr and it wrote off her car. The guy in the SMART walked away without any injuries and he was still able to open his doors. These things have a good safety rating. Maybe you should do some research before you make a judgement. I have heard many stories about accidents that involved SMARTS and how little damage was done to the car.


Neat little car and I guess for the person who feels better about themselves for using only the absolute minimum of fossil fuel to get from Point A to B and has little concern for the safety of themselves or their passengers. I think the real cost would be the remains at the scene of an accident involving one, and I just have a feeling if you did survive, you would be so crippled you wouldn't have to worry about driving a car ever again. I know this little car does well in Europe, but thats in cramped little towns where congestion rarely allows anyone to get above 30 MPH. In this country we have a much larger mix of traffic on our roads that has to be considered. I would love to be able to use a car like this to get around, but I value my life and being alive for my children a few more years so I would not be able to give this car serious consideration.

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