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Monday, November 27, 2006



I have to disagree. I own a 1999 Odyssey and the way it drives is great for a minivan and the new one's continue to get praise for their 'sporty' character. I haven't driven a Quest, but I'd be surprised if it has the same driving dynamics of the Honda. particularly with the extra size. It also has reported quality issues where the Ody is tops in that area.

Also, in our modest suburban house, the Ody is a tight squeeze in the garage with only room on one end to slide by with the garage door closed. I think the Quest is 3-4" longer meaning to walk around the van, you'll have to open the garage door.

He's also the first person I've heard say the Quest has "brilliantly laid-out controls". I know they just re-did the dash, so perhaps it's better, but the original was universally panned for the dash layout. I thought it was good looking, but poor ergonomically.

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