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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Car lovers r welcome to this blog....


just as a perfect prospect for car lovers..equipped with infiniti shock, http://www.pitstopautoparts.com/oem-infiniti-parts-shock.html features that is so great..infiniti and nissan are just sister companies.


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Ok, first of all, car companies do this type of thing often, and American auto makers are notorious for it. To me it looks somewhat similar, but I can see slight differences. Maybe it's built on the same platform. Anyway, here are a list of cars to comment on about looking similar:

Ford Escort vs. Mercury Tracer
Ford Taurus vs. Mercury Sable
Ford Tempo vs. Mercury Topaz
Mitsubishi Eclipse vs. Eagle Talon vs. Plymouth Laser
Dodge Intrepid vs. Eagle Vision
Dodge Caravan vs. Chrysler Town & Country
Ford Crown Vic vs. Mercury Grand Marquis
Chevy Malibu vs. Oldsmobile Cutlass
Chevy Cobalt vs. Pontiac G5 (IDENTICAL)
Cadillac Escalade vs. GMC Yukon
Chevy Blazer vs. Olds Bravada
Nissan Murano vs. Infiniti FX
Ford Thunderbird vs. Mercury Cougar XR-7
Chevy Monte Carlo vs. Buick Grand National or Regals

The list is bigger but I got other things to do.


hey kick ass blog

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